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SAM Block Kit


SKU: ASM 100

ASM 100


The concept of AxioSnapMount is to use 3D printed models in SAM articulators. The spacer blocks can be mounted with SAM’s screw system or MPS system.

There is a recess on the top to attach normal or strong magnetic pods with a screw. With the magnetic mounting it is possible to use printed models attach with ASM mounting plates.

This set consists of eight spacer blocks of different heights. Due to the flexibility of the concept it is possible to print all models saving time and material. In combination with the different heights of the SAM mounting plates, it is possible to minimize the print height in 2.5mm steps.


This set is equipped with standard MPS system. Contains no magnets.


Consists of:
4 x Upper Jaw Spacer blocks
per 1 x ASM 225 / ASM 235 / ASM 245 / ASM 255
4 x Lower Jaw Spacer blocks
per 1 x ASM 315 / ASM 325 / ASM 335 / ASM 345
without magnets


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